International Montessori House of Children Kindergarten Program

6 year olds

In a Montessori school Kindergarten is the final year of study in the Primary classroom. The Primary curriculum for children ages 3 – 6 years old is integral in shaping and nurturing the inquisitive mind, moral character, and lifelong love of learning.

The Primary curriculum, which requires 3 years of study to complete, develops the child’s mind in 4 main categories: Practical life, Sensorial Development, Language, and the Preparation of the Mathematical Mind. These categories encompass a diversity of subjects such as geography, culture, science, history, art, botany, and music, among others.

Furthermore, by experiencing a mixed-aged classroom, kindergarteners have the opportunity to develop social and emotional capabilities that would not be possible if they were in a classroom with peers of their own age. As they learn to care for others younger than them, children develop a sense of responsibility, discipline, compassion, and solidarity. At IMHoC, these capabilities are encouraged thanks to a specialized curriculum designed for Kindergarteners at IMHoC. We invite you to schedule a tour to learn more about our comprehensive Kindergarten program.

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